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What our students are saying 

I have had a burning desire to do yoga teacher training for well over a decade.
Doing a YTT has been percolating inside of me for years, but I kept putting it
off for various reasons. I felt that taking part in a YTT would be life altering, an
incredibly vulnerable and transformative experience. It was important to me
that I wasn’t just a number among a huge group of yoga students, I wanted to
be seen, I wanted the experience to be personal. And most of all, I wanted to
be held in a sacred and safe space, I wanted to feel with my whole heart that I
resonated and felt inspired by my teachers. And let me tell you, I am SO
happy I waited for life to put me in contact with these beautiful women, whom
I’m absolutely blessed to call my teachers, mentors, and friends.
When I took my first yoga class with Jules, I knew, this is the woman I want to
learn from. That first yoga class with Jules was literally the best yoga class of
my life and since then there have been so many more moments with Sasha
and Jules where I think to myself okay, wow, now that was the best class
ever!  The flows are delicious. Their classes are so much more than total
focus on asanas. It is a tuning in to how I feel, being present to sensations that
arise during the practice, observing them, calling in intention and inviting in
attention into my practice and my life, observing and witnessing the changes,
growth, and transformation both internal and external. 

I don’t want to give too much away, but every detail from beginning until the
end was so thoughtfully curated and the bonds of sisterhood that were created
and experienced with my fellow yoginis are forever etched into the core of my
being. Sasha and Jules have provided a path of illuminating the aspects of
their students to a higher frequency to be able to step off the yoga mat and
into life and embody the essence of what yoga is in its truest nature.  Whether
your intention is to go deeper in your own self practice or to teach yoga you
have arrived at exactly where you are meant to be.  If you are even slightly
considering training with Sasha and Jules, do it! Don’t think about it, just dive
right in! Get on the boat, go on the journey you won’t regret a moment of it.


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