About Jules Jenkinson
Prana Vinyasa Teacher

connect to breath

At an early age, Jules was able to create an understanding of movement and flow through calisthenics and dance.  


The practice and spirituality of Yoga later came to Jules as a way to continue to move and as she travelled around the world.


Surrounded by inspiring teachers, classes, workshops, and her own self-study became more frequent, soon leading to her first training. Jules has been guided under many influential local and international teachers namely under the tutelage of global Prana Flow Teacher Shiva Rea.

Leading retreats abroad has allowed Jules to be constantly inspired by nature, different cultures, spirituality, and the elements, linking movement, breath and the true beauty of life through the graceful practice. 

With a rich tapestry of learnings developing inside, Jules grew into teaching and is now one of Melbourne’s most admired Yoga Teachers. Her classes combine mantras, mudras, pranayama, and asana, expanding the full yoga experience.


Jules encourages growth and interconnection of the physical and spiritual self within students, and seeks to help others thrive by nurturing own body and soul wisdom through yoga. Her hope is that her students will step off their mat and into everyday life with that same nourishment and balanced approach. 

holding space

There’s an essence that’s created when you walk into a held space. An intention that's set.


The energy can change you. It can transform you to where you need it most. Where you need to go. Curiosity takes over. The journey unfolds. And what comes up is greeted with an open mind.