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Yoga Nidra Courses Online

In this course, we will delve into the main techniques and modern schools of Yoga Nidra and their benefits. You will have the opportunity to compare and explore different methods to find the one works best for you. We will provide ready-made scripts in various methods and develop ideas and scripts for teaching your own yoga nidra. We will also examine each stage of the practice, its intention, and how it affects the body and mind. Additionally, we will cover modifications, contra-indications, and how to adapt your teaching for different students. You will learn about the basic science of Yoga Nidra, including brainwaves, basic anatomy of the brain, and states of consciousness. We will also discuss the history and philosophy of Yoga Nidra and how it can assit with the. Finally, you will have the opportunity to practice Yoga Nidra on your own.


Our course adds onto a  Yoga Alliance 30-hour certificate (RYS 300 & YACEP) and Continuing Education (CPD).  Whilst its recommend to have a 200-hour teacher training, its not compulsory. Additional support is given for those without this experience.

Meditating in Mountains
Meditating in Mountains

Course content

Upon registration, you will receive a Yoga Nidra Notes training manual in PDF format via email. The course requires 10 hours of learning outside of class, including establishing a Yoga Nidra practice. A final script and voice recording must be submitted at the end of the training to ensure that you have gained the knowledge and understanding necessary to apply it to each student's unique needs. This course is designed to ignite your interest in continuing or beginning this exciting journey. Please note that the course will not be recorded for data protection and privacy, however a comprehensive manual will be provided, and pre-recorded content is available for purchase.

Date & Time

Friday 23 – Sunday 25 August 2024

Online (Zoom)
9am – 4.30 pm  (SL)
…including breaks and Yoga Nidra practices


Regular price:
500 USD

Early bird price until 23 July 2024:
400 USD 

Payment plans available

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  2. An invoice for the full amount will be sent to you when we have accepted the application.
    Payment plans available. 

  3.  Confirmation letter sent upon booking. 

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