Baba Nam Kevalam: This Beloved Sanskrit Mantra

Baba Nam Kevalam (Sanskrit: is a Sanskrit mantra that means "only the name of the beloved".

  • Baba: beloved

  • Nam: name

  • Kevalam: only

Together, the mantra may be translated as "only the name of the beloved." It has also been interpreted to indicate, “salutations to the name of the divine”, in the view that the divine is everywhere and a part of everything. An additional interpretation is that love is the essence of everything.

It is believed that it is effective because it does not invoke blessings or attention from any god or goddess, as most Sanskrit based mantras do. Instead, this mantra tries to focus on the concept of love and perceive the Divine in an abstract way.

The goal with this mantra is to focus on the essence of love exclusively. This allows for there to be a unity with other spiritual paths and its singers can let themselves go in the beauty of the words and its simplistic purpose.

These sounds will raise your vibrations and making you feel a sense of openness and joy. Many practitioners tout the mental health benefits and love the tremendous peace that they feel with this particular mantra.