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A new year is upon us, we have gained the opportunity to see through the visionary lens of our eyes, how the tiniest atom can shift the world. From wildfires to floods, from social and racial injustice to a global pandemic; we bear witness to the consequences of our actions and are experiencing the effects of widespread instability.  It is easy to forget our interconnection and the roles we have in creating peace-filled society. How we show up to this moment matters most.

As eager as we may be to turn the page, we must be gentle as we journey home from the depths of a dark voyage. This portion of our journey contains the humming of all life. OṂ – is the sacred mantra of all existence within. The beginning, the middle, the end.


Be patient, be gentle, be kind, allow this new year to present the simple resolution to keep going. It takes time and space to slow down to make our journey hOMe.

Love Jules 

Deepen, Connect, Ground, Awaken with Jules from Sri Lanka 

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"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's Yin Yoga class with Jules.It was really challenging for me but she was so helpful giving options to individuals who found positions difficult (like me).I am away for a few weeks but look forward to coming back to Yin Yoga on my return. Thank you"

Kate R Smith

"I was fortunate enough to be in a yoga class in Melbourne, where Jules taught.I felt something special in that class,so I continued to attend every class Jules taught where I lived.When Jules announced he was going to hold a retreat in Sri Lanka in April 2019-I somehow made it happen.If you are fortunate enough to attend a retreat with Jules,in whatever country-I would recommend it wholeheartedly.Jules has unique way of bringing people together in a group.She creates an atmosphere of acceptance and care.It is a full experience of culture,respect,healing,lots of laughter and joy.Sincerely and grateful.

Narelle Mckenzie

I loved Jules’ classes, perfect mix of opportunities to push yourself but also to relax and restore. Thanks! 

Belinda O’Connor

Jules is the most amazing and welcoming teacher.

Jessica Wain

the beginning to the end, and all the spaces in between